Our goal is to ensure your success with products supporting the initial and the final phases of a space mission. For this reason, we invest in research and development projects to investigate new concepts, validate and qualify our hardware in space, and push the envelope of what is possible.

D-Sat, a self-decommissioning satellite, designed and built in-house, is our leading research and development project. Launched on June 23rd, 2017, D-Sat is completing a three-month mission, culminating in a direct deorbit maneuver from 500km.

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D-SAT Mission


D-SAT is a fully implemented zero-single-point-of-failure and full redundant architecture miniaturized satellite. D-SAT hosts two payloads that will be tested during the first two months of operations in orbit. A real technology breakthrough, D-SAT will offer an in-orbit demonstration of D-Orbit’s satellite decommissioning technology.




Alice 2 mission was planned to qualify the Brain and the Safe and Arm Device, two of our critical modules, against the ECSS standards.

The prototype included:

  • Command and control subsystem
  • Software to operate the electronics system
  • Mechanical interface with device subsystem
  • Simplified interface with satellite subsystem
  • Two safe and arm devices

The electronic system performed two functions, corresponding to those performed respectively by the Brain and the Safe and Arm Device. The first function was the ability to transmit from a receiving station sets of data related to the state of the deorbiting device and – optionally – of the satellite host. The second function was to activate a simulated ignition of the deorbiting device following the reception of a command from a transmitting station.

Alice 2 demonstrated performance requirements, confirming the ability of the D-Orbit Decommissioning Device to work in a critical space environment. The qualification model successfully passed through qualification tests, described below, and Alice 2 Flight Model was accepted for launch from DNEPR launcher. On November 21st 2013 Alice2 was sent in space.