D-Orbit is a service provider for the traditional and new space sectors, with capabilities in satellite manufacturing, launch, deployment, satellite operations, end-of-life strategies and solutions, space propulsion and critical software. Its products and services cover the entire lifecycle of a space mission, including mission analysis and design, engineering, manufacturing, integration, testing, launch, and end-of-life decommissioning.

The Challenge

Economic development on Earth is enabled by transportation and logistic infrastructure: roads, vehicles, and servicing stations. To grow and expand, the New Space Economy needs infrastructures too. D-Orbit is the first space transportation company with the ability to deliver small satellites with precision to any orbit. This ability helps reducing the phasing time of a constellation segment from 10 months down to one.

The future we are building includes orbit-to-orbit transportation, in orbit satellite servicing, active debris removal, and more.


D-Orbit’s Solutions

D-Orbit has a patented product line of smart, modular systems, based on proprietary core technologies.

  • ION Launch Service is the first SmallSat launch and deployment service in the market that can deliver up to 16 CubeSats to orbit and release them individually into distinct orbital slots. The service guarantees a wider separation between CubeSats, enabling a faster signal acquisition and a stable collision-free formation that is essential for spacecraft with no independent propulsion.

  • D-Orbit Decommissioning Device (D3) is an independent, smart propulsive subsystem available for all satellite platforms operating in LEO, MEO, GEO, specialized in decommissioning maneuvers to remove the hosting satellite from the operational orbit in a quick, direct, and controlled way at the end of the mission or in case of major malfunction.

  • D-Raise is a subsystem conceived for the new generation satellites implementing only electric propulsion system on-board and able to speed-up their transfer maneuver from parking orbit to operational orbit. By speeding up the transfer maneuver from parking orbit to operational orbit, D-Raise allows anticipated revenues for the satellite operator and prevents deterioration of solar arrays due to a long exposure to radiations.

  • FENIX is a compact solid propulsion system that empowers CubeSat to perform orbit-raising maneuvers, enabling operators to extend their CubeSats’ operational life.




In-space servicing and transportation to enable profitable business and human expansion in a sustainable space.


Provide end-to-end solutions to improve new and traditional space businesses by streamlining in-space and on-ground operations with unique, innovative and proprietary technologies.


  • Luca Rossettini Luca Rossettini
    Luca RossettiniChief Executive Officer
  • Renato Panesi Renato Panesi
    Renato PanesiChief Commercial Officer
  • Pietro Guerrieri Pietro Guerrieri
    Pietro GuerrieriVP Business Development
  • Lorenzo Ferrario Lorenzo Ferrario
    Lorenzo FerrarioChief Technical Officer
  • Monica Valli Monica Valli
    Monica ValliChief Operating Officer
  • Robert W. Dean Robert W. Dean
    Robert W. DeanChief Executive Officer D-Orbit Inc.
  • Gonçalo Lopes Gonçalo Lopes
    Gonçalo LopesChief Technical Officer D-Orbit PT



  • ALPINE High-tech Venture Forum 2016 Best Presentation Award
  • B-Corp Best for the World 2016 Winner
  • Premio Italiano Meccatronica 2016 Most Innovative Startup
  • Pioneers Asia Challenge 2016 Finalist
  • B-Corp Best for the World 2015 Environment Honoree
  • ESA Investment Forum 2014 Best Presentation Award
  • MassChallenge 2014 Finalist
  • Building Global Innovators 2013 Winner
  • Red Herring Global 2013 Winner
  • Red Herring Europe 2013 Winner
  • Impresa + Innovazione + Lavoro 2013 Winner
  • IAIR Awards 2013 Best Company for Innovation and Leadership
  • Pioneers Startup Challenge 2013 Top 50 Startup
  • Talento delle Idee 2012 Third Place
  • Bassetti Award 2011 Most Responsible Startup
  • Mind the Bridge Business Plan Competition 2011 Finalist
  • Premio Nazionale Innovazione 2011 Second Place
  • Rice Business Plan Competition 2010 Finalist


D-Orbit is dedicated to making its business a force for good, optimizing both economic performance and social impact in order to improve the environmental capital.

We are the first European company to be registered as Benefit Corporation, and the first aerospace company to have received the B-Corp certification worldwide.

D-Orbit places equal emphasis on three pillars: profit, benefit, global impact.

Our products are designed to solve global challenges with a high social impact. Our internal organization leverages the value of people and the positive relationship with all our stakeholders.




  • European Space Agency Clean Space Initiative
  • European Commission This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N 711193
  • Airbus
  • The Natural Step
  • Nativa Lab
  • Elemaster Group
  • Bayern Chemie
  • Social Enterprise Project Supported by Kolon Kandya Italia Onlus
  • Invitalia