"Soon we will stop saying “space business” and we will rather mention space transportation, space
manufacturing, space harvesting, space mining, space tourism. In
D-Orbit we work to enable a profitable and durable space, maximizing the space asset of
our customers and delivering an unprecedented return to our investors.”

Luca RossettiniCEO


Technology is constantly evolving, demanding increased performances at reduced cost. To remain competitive, the space industry needs solutions to increase the reliability of space infrastructures and reduce the cost of operations. D-Orbit offers three key competitive advantages:

  1. Competitive products: D-Orbit features a line of compelling products to best meet our customer's varying demands, from launch to decommissioning.
  2. Highest engineering standards: The growing congestion of operational orbits coupled with an increasingly commercialized space industry has opened a new market opportunity for scalable and efficient products that meet stricter international space debris mitigation regulations. Our in-house team is dedicated in delivering value and quality in each customized product and service.
  3. Positive impact: Our commitment to promoting a positive environmental impact is just as important as procuring the best technology to best meet our customers’ needs.


  • Robert W. DeanChairman
  • Luca RossettiniBoard Member
  • Renato PanesiBoard Member
  • James BrueggerBoard Member
  • Anton FredaBoard Member


  • D-Orbit Signs Framework Agreement with Firefly to Acquire Launch Capacity D-Orbit S.p.A., an Italian service provider of the New Space sector, signed a multi-year framework agreement with US-based launch operator Firefly Aerospace Inc. (Firefly) to purchase launch capacity of the Firefly Alpha launch vehicle.
  • D-Orbit Signs Contract for launch and deployment services with Planet Labs D-Orbit, an Italian service provider for the New Space sector, signed a contract with Planet, a US-based private Earth imaging company, for the launch and deployment of six Dove-series satellites.
  • D-Orbit Awarded with ESA GSTP Contract for the Development of a Precise InOrbit CubeSat Deployer The European Space Agency (ESA) awarded DOrbit SpA with the General Support Technology Programme (GSTP) contract n°4000126167 titled “Development of a Precise In-Orbit CubeSat Deployer.”
  • Astrocast and D-Orbit Announce InOrbit NOW Launch Agreement Astrocast and D-Orbit announced an InOrbit NOW DPOD agreement for the launch and deployment of ten Astrocast nanosatellites. The agreement calls for the Astrocast nanosatellites to be launched onboard an Arianspace VEGA or Vega C.
  • D-Orbit SpA announces contract with Hyperion Technologies BV for in-orbit demonstration and validation of small sat propulsion module D-Orbit SpA announces contract with Hyperion Technologies BV for in-orbit demonstration and validation of small sat propulsion module.
  • Arianespace and D-Orbit Sign Contract to Launch ION CubeSat Carrier on Vega SSMS POC Flight Arianespace and D-Orbit announced today the signature of an agreement to offer InOrbit NOW launch and deployment service through the launch of D-Orbit’s ION CubeSat Carrier on the Vega launch vehicle, as part of the Small Spacecraft Mission Service (SSMS) Proof Of Concept flight (POC flight).
  • D-Orbit Announces Completion of Deployment System CDR On May 15 th , 2018, representatives of Sky and Space Global (SAS) UK Ltd and GOMSpace visited D-Orbit’s headquarters for the critical design review (CDR) of the DPOD deployment system.
  • D-Orbit Spa Announces Contract with Hyperion Technologies BV D-Orbit SpA announces contract with Hyperion Technologies BV for in-orbit demonstration and validation of small sat propulsion module.
  • (18 October 2017)
    D-Orbit to collaborate with Sky and Space Global on Launch and Deployment of the SAS Nanosatellite Constellation
    D-Orbit is proud to announce that they have signed a binding agreement with Sky and Space Global (SAS), a satellite company with European and Israeli centers of Aerospace, Satellite and Software Industry Experts, to provide launch and deployment services for the upcoming roll-out of the SAS nanosatellite constellation.
  • (23 May 2016)
    D-Orbit onboard TeSeR, a major EU project to clean up space debris
    D-Orbit has reached another important milestone by being part of TeSeR, a major EU project to clean up space. TeSeR, which stands for Technology for Self-Removal of Spacecraft, is a joint effort led by Airbus Defence and Space to reduce the risk of spacecraft colliding with debris in space.
  • (15 February 2016)
    D-Orbit Names Pietro Guerrieri
    D-Orbit recently announced Pietro Guerrieri’s nomination as the new Vice-President of Sales and Business Development. Guerrieri will head the development of promising business opportunities in alignment with both market demands and international regulations for the space industry, leveraging on optimizing end-of-life operations for any spacecraft.
  • (11 February 2016)
    D-Orbit Awarded by Horizon 2020 SME Instrument
    The European Commission has awarded D-Orbit €2 million in the latest round of the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument program, allowing the Italian space company to accelerate the introduction of their decommissioning device on the international market. The biggest EU Research and Innovation program will procure almost €80 billion to help leading companies breakthrough in a competitive market.
  • (14 April 2015)
    D-Orbit Honored as “Best for the Environment"
    D-Orbit has been recognized during B-Lab’s fourth annual B Corp “Best for the Environment” ceremony for creating the most positive overall environmental impact. The ‘B Corp Best for the Environment’ list honors businesses that earned an environmental score in the top 10% of more than 1,200 Certified B Corporations on the B Impact Assessment.
  • (16 March 2015)
    D-Orbit’s Growing Reputation Within the European Space Agency and the European Commission
    On March 17th and 18th, the European Space Agency will host at their ESTEC technical headquarters in the Netherlands, a Technical Day on Deorbiting Strategies, followed by a CleanSat Workshop. These two events will mark an important milestone for the young Italian company D-Orbit as it will have the opportunity to present its innovative technology as a leading solution for space debris mitigation, capable of benefitting numerous operators in the space sector.
  • (15 January 2015)
    NASA Sponsorship and EU Support: A Promising 2015 for D-Orbit
    The 2015 looks promising for D-Orbit, the young Italian start-up company whose innovative technology is addressed to realize the long-term dream of a safe and sustainable access to space. Both NASA and the European Commission have actually recognized the value of D-Orbit’s mission – finding a solution to the problem of space debris – by supporting the company in developing a decommissioning device, which will be able to safely remove any kind of spacecraft.
  • (05 December 2014)
    D-Orbit New and Old Investors Support D-Orbit Space Business
    D-Orbit - a young company working in space sector and promoting innovation and technological development for the imminent problem of space debris mitigation – has successfully obtained a new round of investments along its fundraising path.
  • (15 September 2014)
    IAC Toronto 2014: Our World Needs Space
    The 65th International Astronautical Congress 2014, the world's premier space event, will take place in Toronto, Canada from September 29 to October 3, 2014 at the award-winning Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The Congress theme - “Our World Needs Space” - will promote an exploration of the relationship between Earth and space and the ways that space activities help to meet our needs on Earth.
  • (29 August 2014)
    Space Debris: Comparison of Measures and Possible Scenarios
    Institutional and commercial actors in the spatial industry sector have put the problem of space debris at the top of their agenda. New possible solutions and preventive measures are proposed and attempted in order to face this threat and to ensure safer conditions for daily space activities. Among them, the strategic agreement between the industrial American giant Lockheed Martin and the Australian Company Electro Optic Systems (EOS) is surely commendable. The focus of such an agreement is the creation of an advanced tracking system for space debris in order to increase control levels (+25%).
  • (28 August 2014)
    When B is better than A
    The innovative and talented Italian startup D-Orbit S.r.l. is still making news thanks to a new and important achievement. After a meticulous assessment, the certifying organization B-Lab awarded D-Orbit the Benefit Corporation certification. Thanks to its new way of doing business which links social and environmental issues to the market economy laws and to the logic of profits, D-Orbit S.r.l. is now stronger and continue its climb towards success, meeting high standards of transparency and accountability and therefore showing that it is possible to make money while respecting the environment and the society.


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